NBC Mentor Program

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    Natural Born Champions takes pride in mentoring young youth who aspire to lead in the child care field. NBC has influenced mentees and staff to pursue a degree in child care or a higher education. Our job isn’t to limit our mentees on a narrow road in child care, but to help them find the limitless opportunities this circumstance affords them. We push our mentees to do more than what’s required to encourage them to find a deeper self-discovery. Mentoring is a two-way street; we get out what we put in. We put 100% effort to help our mentees achieve any aspiration. NBC networks with a plethora of organizations who share a common goal to advance the younger generation to success.

    In order to become part of NBC’s mentorship program please fill-out both the mentor application and staff state application. NBC requires ALL mentees to be between ages 15 & 18. Mentees MUST possess a MD State ID, High School Transcript, and an enthusiastic attitude to learn and grow.
    Register to become a NBC Mentor HERE.