About Us

Camp Champions is a non-profit organization and is an extended entity of Natural Born Champions. Camp Champions rooted the idea and existence of Natural Born Champions. Since 2012, Camp Champions has exercised the mission: to condition goal-oriented youthful minds; advocate the youths’ imagination into reality; encourage hard work and committed work ethics, and appraise each and every sacrifice.

Markia Beckwith, Founder, started Camp Champions at age 18. Aspiring to become a school-age teacher or Head Basketball coach, observed that most students were unmotivated to succeed due to the lack of goal-oriented mindsets. They were afraid to attempt to bring forth their imagination into reality because of limited resources and support. The youth ultimately had odds against them and eventually demonstrated poor work ethics and intermittent successes. Students, however, showed glimpses of their potential but were not always rewarded or encouraged to make more efforts or sacrifices to succeed at being a better learner.
Markia, along with other youth coaches, has taken initiative to offer students real-life experiences to make learning meaningful and purposeful  for them in the classroom. She encourages students to become goal-oriented, creative, and hardworking. With an emphasis on Kinesthetics, students will experience educational concepts and explorations while being physically active. Camp Champions extends this notion by providing:
         -Arts & Crafts
         -Weekly Field Trips
         -Student Lead Clubs
         -Professional Explorations
         -Mandatory Tutoring
         -Student- centered learning approach during the summer
We will be located at:
St. Luke's Luthern Church 
7001 Harford Rd. 
Baltimore, MD 21234