Camp Champions Curriculum


This summer’s Curriculum will be based off the theme: Marketing! Students will participate in daily project based learning activities that enriches their knowledge on innovating their very own business. Friday, August 7th, students will be able to retail their goods and/or services to camp members and to the community. The curriculum includes mandatory tutoring in from material experienced within the previous year and an advancement on material introduced this upcoming school year. On Market Day, please feel free to stop by to see what students have been working on all summer. Not only are skills enhanced but they will exercise a plethora of other skills by participating in the events and activities at Camp Champions. Take a look at our weekly calendar.


Curriculum: Key 

  • Champion Challenge: We will have different crafts and STEM challenges after active tutoring. Students will compete against other grades to complete these challenges.

  • Community Outreach: Students will also work on planting a community garden on these days.

  •  Entrepreneur Activity: We will work on creating our own business on Wednesdays. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are activities to help generate ideas and useful tools for students to implement into their business. We will retail our goods and services to each other and the community on August 7th!

  •  Brain Busters: an educational game to compete against each other.